Epil Pro

Visage Hair & Beauty is happy to offer Epil-Pro as an alternative to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal. Epil-Pro is a superior and relatively pain-free form of depilation. No risk hair removal system for all skin and hair colours, A Sound Approach To Permanent Hair Removal. Embrace the future with cutting edge technology.


This next generation technology was researched in the 1980s and early 1990s and launched into the beauty market in 1996 as Epil-Pro it was further developed as a dual hair removal system and the name Epil Sonic was introduced. Epil-Pro aka Epil Sonic is the brainchild of Sujata Jolly, scientist and research director at Clinogen Laboratories.

Epil-Pro is a specialised hair removal treatment that harnesses the power of sound energy and static which travels precisely down the hair shaft striking and degenerating papillary cells directly at the root causing no trauma to the skin.

One technology, two techniques:

Typical Hair Growth Course And Terminal Hair
Epil Sonic tweezer probe is used to treat and remove all visible hair from the area being treate.
Epil-Pro tweezer probe is used to treat and remove all visible hair from the area being treated.
  Coarse and terminal hair are treated with an Epi-Pro probe with a needle and removed using an Epil-Pro tweezer probe which delivers an additional boost of sound energy.

Using either or both techniques, patients can be assured that all visible hair are both treated and removed in each treatment session. Epil-Pro's unique technology will not lead to problems associated with other hair removal methods, such as trauma, burning, pigmentation and scarring. In normal cases, the treatment is initially repeated every two to three weeks. As time progresses the treatment time will reduce and the time between treatments will increase.

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